Auto Dipper, Seat Belt & Battery Cut – off Switch

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Auto dipper

  • Rated voltage : 12 volt/ 24 volt
  • Rated device current 100 mAMP/ 60 AMP
  • Current Switching cap 20 Amp. (240tt bulbs at 12 volt and 480 watt bulbs at 24 volt)
  • Manual override for High to Low beam shift. other = 0.9 sec. (AS per SAEJ565 standard it is permitted up to 2 second)
  • Dipping distance adjustable as per SAE J565.
  • Light sensitivity 1 lux (approx)

Seat-belt Monitoring System

  • Fully encapsulated GREEN LED warning light
  • Shows if seatbelt is being used
  • Flashing LED s
  • Dual Voltage 12-24V
  • CE and EMC approved
  • Epoxy sealed
  • Off Highway use only

Battery cut off switch

  • Easy to install on negative battery post.
  • Battery is disconnected by unscrewing the know a few turns, and reconnected by tightening the knob.
  • Knob can be removed completely to deter theft.
  • Compact size fits most battery compartments. Rated 500 amps surge and 125 amps continuous at 12 volts.
  • Add a 15 amp fused bypass that maintains computer seating radio, clock, etc., while battery is disconnected.