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When driving two hours at a speed of 100km/h, the driver has to struggle to stay awake on account of his lower levels physiological functions followed by inattention. In general, accidents rates are extremely high when the driver drives over 6 hours a day or is lack of proper rest (less than 4 or 5 hours ) According traffic accidents analysis from Europe and USA, 80-90% was caused by human factors. In USA, about 100,000 traffic accidents were caused because of fatigue or drowsy driving every year, which leads to 1500people die, Similar situation in Europe? take Germany as an example, 25% of traffic accidents were caused by fatigue or drowsy driving.

Product Information

DMI DDS works based on Advanced Face Recognition and Pupils Detection technology, detects drivers drowsy status, stores drowsy image and give outs alarm and reminding signals. It can help prevent drowsy driving and lower traffic accidents rate.

Product functions

  • Fatigue Detection and Warning
    When the driver get into drowsy status, the system will trigger a “wake-up” alarm, store the image, and be able to control the sleep reminder accessories( such as vibration cushions, refreshing smell generator) via configurable output interfaces, and also be able to send fatigue information and images to managers through 3G network. Factors like weather, light, complexion, and clothing have no impact on DMI Fatigue warning function.
  • Driver Features Self-Calibration
    Starting DMI, the early warning system enters a period of 30 second self-calibration with vehicle speed exceeding the predetermined vehicle speed. During this period, the system core parameters will be calibrated according to individual characteristics of the driver. After this process, the system enters a normal operation state. Please keep a normal driving state when they system is in normal operating state, and dont simulate sleepy state.
  • Analog image output
    DMI provides real-time analoge images output in NTSC(National Television System Committee) format. The signal can be used to calibrate the orientation of installation. And can also be connected with most DVR (digital video record) to store the drowsy image.
  • RS232 communications
    RS232 serial port offers data transmission. DMI can realize data interaction of vehicle running status, data transmission of alarm information and compressed images by connecting with matched vehicle networking terminal or other control equipment
  • Output interface
    DMI has two-channel switch signal output to control auxiliary equipments, such as vibration cushions which start to work when the fatigue driving warning is issued. This can produce a strong vibration to remind the driver to pay attention to safety.
  • Over-speed Alerts
    When driving speed is over 150km/h, DMI will alarm to remind.

Product Details

  • Model Number: DMI
  • Working time: 24 hours, day and night
  • Rated power: 7W
  • Minimum Operating Voltage 8V
  • Maximum Operating Voltage 32V
  • Sensitivity Setting High/Low two levels
  • Alarm Activation speed setting Yes
  • Automatic Vehicle Location system(AVL) support