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A Tyre Protection Chain is a close mesh of high-alloy, drop-forged, steel, wear links which wraps around the tyre to protect the tread and sidewalls. The flexible nature of the mesh enables the chain to adjust to the tyre as it deforms during the loading or hauling operation. The chain’s highly-efficient, self-cleaning properties prevents the mesh from becoming filled and clogged thus achieving the best possible traction and increasing the loader’s productivity.

Through 70 years of development in co-operation with owners and operators of wheeled loaders and dump trucks, together with on-going investment in state-of the-art production facilities and quality control labs in Europe and South America, we have achieved pre-eminence in the tyre protection chain market with a wide range of chains designed to match the challenges of a multiplicity of site conditions.

By protecting tyres from excessive abrasion, punctures and sidewall damage, our Tyre Protection Chains saves thousands of dollars in tyre replacement costs and assures full loader productivity. For your confidence, our experts will be on hand from your initial enquiry, through delivery and installation, routine check-ups and on-call 24/7 for the life of your tyre protection chain.

At some sites, where the terrain is slippery because of mud or where trucks have to contend with icy haul roads, poor traction can be a major problem.
Wrestling to control a loaded truck with a rend of its own is exhausting for the operator. can reduce concentration and risks “losing’ the truck with all the collateral damage that may invoke. Where the tyre tread. atone. cannot provide an adequate grip. Our traction chains in protection plus traction.

Saving Tyres, Saving Time, Saving Money

Ring-Link System
Drop forged wear links Tried and tested technology A wide range of wear links The right link for your application .

Ring-Ring System
Drop forged wear rings Perfect tyre protection giving excellent chain life on very abrasive materials.

Ring-Locking System
The tyre protection chain specifically designed for use on hot slag. Simply unbeatable.

Save tyres from abrasive surfaces and sharp edges stones

Quartz, silica, dolomite, basalt, granite are just some of the causes of excessive tyre wear. Flint, slate and shale-like rocks, or demolition debris can cause punctures and deep sidewall cuts. “One-minute your loader crowds into the rock fall, the next moment it is slumped, immobile and you are on the phone looking for a temporary fix or a replacement tyre.”

If yours is a small operation, this could put your entire production on costly standby.” In these instances, in the cause of operating efficiency, a tyre protection chain, such as RING-LINK or RING-RING system, is required to create a barrier between your tyres and the ground. The density of the mesh will depend on the exact nature of the work site but it should be self-cleaning and the links specially hardened to resist wear at the points where they interact with the connecting rings. We have the world’s widest product range and can supply the ideal tyre protection chain for all types of machine and applications.


The SIDEFLEX is a retrofit device for construc-tion and mining equipment, especially for earthmoving machines. The device is mounted to the wheel hub of utility vehicles as dumb-trucks or wheel-loaders. It is a distinctive, lightweight, simple, effective and, most impor-tantly, saves tires and improves productivity. Truck tires have remained vulnerable to sidewall damage from haul road rock debris and acci-dental impact. Since comprehensive tire pro-tection would slow the trucks and raise fuel consumption to un-acceptable levels, damage limitation. Even so, every day, blowouts con-tinue to destroy expensive tires and delay production. To overcome these problems and to give truck tires the same protection as loader tires, we experience requirement of developing chain-based products, created the SIDEFLEX.

Tire Saver Shield

The Tire Saver Shield consists of a heavy duty reinforced elastomeric product. The composition of the Tire Saver Shield material guarantees the absolute tearing and puncture resistance especially in a terrain with sharp-edged rocks, etc. The life cycle of the tire is greatly extended by reducing tire sidewall damage. It guarantees the mobility of vehicles in the most difficult terrains under very tough mission requirements for the wheel. This device can often prevent the tire from running flat (in case of tire damages caused by difficult terrain). Its shape integrates the milling and vulnerable tire side wall. The materials were carefully selected to be extremely resistant to tearing and perforation. It creates a barrier bet-ween the tire side wall and damaging terrain such as rocks and debris, preventing sharp elements from destroying the tire.