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The PDTS display is a high quality low cost display unit for displaying angle in both X and Y axis (pitch and roll) to the operator. It can interface with many of our inclinometer sensors depending on the requirements for the application. The high contrast LED display is viewable in low light and direct sunlight, and the LED brightness is adjustable. It is designed to be panel mounted and is supplied with a sealing gasket and hardware for mounting on plates between 1mm and 10mm thick. As well as displaying angle it also has a built in tilt switch functionality. The two on board relays can be configured to operate when a certain angle is exceeded in the X or Y axis (or both), in either the positive or negative direction (or both). It is highly configurable with adjustable threshold, hysteresis and delay. There is a USB interface to allow the angle to be monitored or logged on a PC. The devices can be factory configured for OEM applications, or user configured using the simple Windows based configuration application supplied free of charge with this product. When connected the USB interface will supply power to the display and sensor. DC Power is supplied to the display, which in turn will provide power to the sensor, simplifying the wiring requirements. Connection is via spring release terminal block for simple and secure wiring.


  • 4 Digit LED Display. High contrast with wide viewing angle, and adjustable brightness
  • Dual axis simultaneous display
  • Programmable alarm function with 2 individually programmable relay outputs
  • Compatible with many of our inclinometer sensors
  • Display resolution adjustable with 0, 1, 2 or 3 decimal places)
  • USB interface with free Windows based application for monitoring angle and configuration
  • Sturdy low profile aluminium Housing
  • Designed for panel mounting. IP65 sealed from front side when mounted with gasket and clamps supplied.
  • Operating temperature -40 to +85°C
  • CE and FCC certified and RoHS compliant

Product Details

  • Voltage Supply – 12-30Vdc
  • Power Draw – 4W (max)
  • Size – 72 x 72 x 23 mm
  • Weight – 350 g
  • Connections – Quick release 0.1” pitch terminal
  • Sensor interface – RS232 Full Duplex
  • Speed –  38400bps (adjustable)
  • Parity – None
  • Supply to sensor – 14Vdc 50mA (max)
  • Output type –  Double Pole Single Throw
  • Number of relays – 2
  • Switching voltage – 220Vdc (max), 250Vac (max)
  • Switching current – 2A Max
  • Switching power – 60W (max)
  • Connector type –  Micro USB