Preco quarterly insights

Safety seems to be a hot topic lately, as it should be. The question is not how much can we talk about safety but what can we actually do to keep people safe? As companies continue to invest in keeping their teams and fleets safe, I can’t help but wonder what more needs to be done.

What can be done to remove complacency and keep workers fully engaged in their surroundings? I believe it comes down to creating a strong safety culture, continued safety training, and making safety personal. It’s about going home at the end of every day to your loved ones.

Making safety personal is our job. As a company, PRECO strives to provide the best blind spot monitoring safety products for heavy-duty industries and we take great pride in the quality of our products. We know and understand that streets and worksites are bustling with activity and our safety technologies help create better situational awareness and keep drivers and people on the ground safe.

With the change of seasons upon us, I would like to propose that we all make a concerted effort to keep safety in the forefront. Slow down. Put down the phone while driving. Look in the rear view mirror one more time before backing. As a whole, we are all functioning in overdrive and maybe it’s time for us to take a step back and focus on what’s important. It’s important to be productive. But it’s more important to do things the right way. Follow safety procedures and don’t take shortcuts. A shortcut in the name of productivity is never worth the risk of injury or death.