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Slope Monitoring

New Slope Monitoring Product introduced by Team Davesmen

SiteMonitor is a complete geotechnical slope monitoring and surveying system which can be used for continuous or periodic slope monitoring, with a repeatability of better than 5mm which is not affected by weather conditions.

Repeated laser measurements are recorded on a fixed scan grid over a pre-defined area, allowing point comparison for the analysis of movement and deformation in 4D (X, Y, Z and time).

Key Product Benefits are:

  • Automated tasks in both periodic or continuous, high resolution better than 10mm repeated scanning.
  • Thousands of rapid measurements have a considerably smaller footprint compared to radar and the smallest movements can be detected.
  • All data produced is geo-referenced to a desired coordinate system within 5mm accuracy
  • Reflector-less measurement up to 2000m are monitored. (Maximum range dependent on atmospheric conditions)
  • Laser scanner does not need a fixed installation (only a stable pillar is required). The scanner can be removed from the survey pillar and subsequently re-installed when required.
  • Known control point positions generate range corrections and transformation matrices.
  • SiteMonitor 4D alarms module will automatically analyse scan data and trigger reports that can be sent via email. SMS alarm triggering requires an additional service.
  • One-click shortcut feature allows pre-defined projects to be restarted without needing any expertise.

Preco quarterly insights

Safety seems to be a hot topic lately, as it should be. The question is not how much can we talk about safety but what can we actually do to keep people safe? As companies continue to invest in keeping their teams and fleets safe, I can’t help but wonder what more needs to be done.

What can be done to remove complacency and keep workers fully engaged in their surroundings? I believe it comes down to creating a strong safety culture, continued safety training, and making safety personal. It’s about going home at the end of every day to your loved ones.

Making safety personal is our job. As a company, PRECO strives to provide the best blind spot monitoring safety products for heavy-duty industries and we take great pride in the quality of our products. We know and understand that streets and worksites are bustling with activity and our safety technologies help create better situational awareness and keep drivers and people on the ground safe.

With the change of seasons upon us, I would like to propose that we all make a concerted effort to keep safety in the forefront. Slow down. Put down the phone while driving. Look in the rear view mirror one more time before backing. As a whole, we are all functioning in overdrive and maybe it’s time for us to take a step back and focus on what’s important. It’s important to be productive. But it’s more important to do things the right way. Follow safety procedures and don’t take shortcuts. A shortcut in the name of productivity is never worth the risk of injury or death.

Fatigue A big issue for drivers

Davesmen India identifying that fatigue is a big issue for drivers especially those who do night shift introduced the fatigue monitoring system to warn the drivers before they start drowsing and putting lives in danger not only of theirs but other workers as well. A very successful installation since 2014.

Tyre Chains – Biggest In India

Davesmen Installed the biggest tyres in India with Protection Chain one of the first for the country the market is growing and the need to save rubber is making mine owners understand that Tyre Chains is the best solution and it gives nearly more than three times of the life of tyre. Huge cost savings and huge advantage in downtime.

Cameras MDVR
Introduction of the new MDVR with 1TB data Davesmen has introduced huge MDVR for the mining application for a concern free operations MDVR which will help the users tremendously in gathering data.