Slope Monitoring

New Slope Monitoring Product introduced by Team Davesmen

SiteMonitor is a complete geotechnical slope monitoring and surveying system which can be used for continuous or periodic slope monitoring, with a repeatability of better than 5mm which is not affected by weather conditions.

Repeated laser measurements are recorded on a fixed scan grid over a pre-defined area, allowing point comparison for the analysis of movement and deformation in 4D (X, Y, Z and time).

Key Product Benefits are:

  • Automated tasks in both periodic or continuous, high resolution better than 10mm repeated scanning.
  • Thousands of rapid measurements have a considerably smaller footprint compared to radar and the smallest movements can be detected.
  • All data produced is geo-referenced to a desired coordinate system within 5mm accuracy
  • Reflector-less measurement up to 2000m are monitored. (Maximum range dependent on atmospheric conditions)
  • Laser scanner does not need a fixed installation (only a stable pillar is required). The scanner can be removed from the survey pillar and subsequently re-installed when required.
  • Known control point positions generate range corrections and transformation matrices.
  • SiteMonitor 4D alarms module will automatically analyse scan data and trigger reports that can be sent via email. SMS alarm triggering requires an additional service.
  • One-click shortcut feature allows pre-defined projects to be restarted without needing any expertise.